Who We Are

The sole purpose of Lifting Generations is to help individuals and families to become self-reliant and to be able to provide for themselves. This is your opportunity to get involved.

Strategic Plans

There are four major areas that are included in the strategic plan for Lifting Generations. These areas represent four focus areas to continually improve the contribution that Lifting Generations makes to needy families in Central America.

Foundation Work

Foundation work refers to those plans, programs, and activities that carry out the work of the foundation, e.g. helping families become self-reliant. Strategic plans in this area are concerned with strengthening and advancing the programs for helping people.

Organizational Performance

Organization performance focuses on the organizational structure, the people, and the business processes of the foundation. The strategic plan identifies ways to attract and involve more people, evaluate and improve the organizational structure, and improve the efficiency of the processes.

People Served

People served is important to identify the individuals and families that most need help to become self-reliant and how Lifting Generations can identify and help those people. The strategic plan is to continually identifying which locations and communities can best be served, and what are the most critical needs of those communities.

Resource Optimization

Lifting Generation has very limited resources and therefore must continually seek for ways to use those resources as effectively and efficiently as possible. This area of the strategic plan focuses on ways to increase the pool of resources, how to leverage those resources by partnering with other groups, and how to efficiently replicate the programs that have been developed.