Our unique process helps individuals to pay off debt, increase their monthly income and become self-reliant, model citizens.

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” 

Teach Employable Skillsets

Our model includes curriculum that focuses on personal development, vital job skills and job placement. In 15 week modules we teach:

  • English
  • Computer Skills
  • Graphic Design
  • Sales/Customer Service
  • Personal Leadership

Students pay for their education by fulfilling a 40 hour obligation of approved service to the community.

Find or Create a Source of Income

Lifting Generations works with local resource centers to seek employment opportunities for both students and mentored clients. Training is provided to:

  • find employment opportunites
  • prepare resumés
  • ready a client for the job interview process  

We experience a high degree of success placing students and clients in jobs related to the skills acquired in the Learning and Mentoring Centers.

Mentor to Full Self-Reliance

By providing sustained direction and support, our mentors cultivate a community that lifts everyone in it.

Throughout our mentoring efforts we track and measure the progress of each individual participant or family.  Including:

  • increases in earnings
  • savings
  • debt reduction

We teach the proven principles it takes to break the poverty cycle and become self-reliant. Without this communities can not change sustainably.


Best Practice: Integrate Locally

We introduce and integrate clients with local community leaders, businesses, churches, schools, resource centers, and financial institutions for career building opportunities.

Focus on Strengthening Families First

Financial hardships cause weakness and separation in the home.  The principles we teach allow families to unify and work together for success, making a temporal as well as an emotional impact on generations.

Join a family of influencers who are making a lasting difference.

Lifting Generations pursues its objective of building self-reliance for individuals and families through multiple, yet closely related programs. These tools help a client achieve self-sufficiency according to their own abilities, interests and circumstances. The key measurement of success is increasing a family’s income and savings through our mentoring process with the support of our local managers.

Data that proves your donation makes an impact.

Our mentors in the field measure and track all income, debt and savings data so we can quantify the impact of our efforts. In 2018 for every $1.00 that was donated it created $4.07 of economic impact for a family.

Have complete confidence in our operations.

Lifting Generations is a trusted organization with over 17 years of experience. We operate above industry standards, using 90% of donations to directly impact the end client.

Create lasting impact, rather than fleeting relief.

Our efforts infuse strength and vitality into communities. We create a ripple of positive long term effect for generations both temporally and emotionally. 

FAQ and Our Methodologies

A deeper dive into our donors most common questions.

Service Currency

Students attending the Learning and Mentoring Centers of Lifting Generations pay for their education through pre-approved community service projects.

Each student must satisfy a minimum of 40 hours of service prior to receiving their certificate of completion. This service could be in senior centers, orphanages, hospitals, community clean-up or mentoring fellow students or families in need. Currently over 67,000 hours are donated to these community efforts.

Mentoring Programs

Multiple monthly visits to our clients help ensure that true positive and lasting change is in effect. As a client receives the proper direction and support, Lifting Generations is able to track progress in revenues, sales, income, savings and debt. We are confident no other organization is more efficient in bringing about sustainable change and measured results.

The key measurement of success is increasing a family’s income and savings through our mentoring process with local, trained, professional mentors hired by the foundation.

Education Programs

We have Learning and Mentoring Centers across the globe.  Other sites are being planned for Cambodia, Dominican Republic and other areas of significant need.  Classes are taught in 15 week modules – three times per year.  We offer classes focused on job acquisition in the following areas:

  • English
  • Graphic Design
  • Computer Skills
  • Sales & Customer Service
  • Personal Leadership
Small Business Training

Lifting Generations has learned that success rates increase dramatically when individuals receive training on business fundamentals and entrepreneurship. Hence we have also adopted and provide training on business fundamentals using a course called MEN (Mejoramiento de Negocios ya existentes).

Business training programs are used by the mentors and educators of Lifting Generations to train with hands-on experiential exercises and actions including business simulation, group-work, facilitated discussion, and business-plan writing.

These programs include training in the following areas:

  • Business Basics
  • Business Simulation
  • Business Budgeting
  • Business Planner

Together, these components comprise a comprehensive and advanced micro and small enterprise business training curriculum.

Economic Development and Job Training
In many places in Latin America the poverty is so widespread and pervasive that it is difficult for families to lift themselves out of poverty.

In those instances, an additional boost is needed to help the local individuals. Lifting Generations seeks successful United States business partners to expand into Latin America to help others through business micro enterprise training, personal development skills, and strengthening local businesses within the local community.

Although Lifting Generations does not own or operate these businesses, it does assist and facilitate business partners in making this move into Latin America.

Job Placement

Lifting Generations works with local resource centers to seek opportunities for clients. Training is provided to prepare resumés and to ready a client for the interview process of a prospective job opportunity.