Jose and Maria have two adult daughters who are married. Jose is an upholsterer of furniture and he sells them from home. His wife raises chickens and ducks. José learned about Lifting Generations through an announcement at church of the free workshops the foundation offers to achieve self-reliance. At that time neither of their businesses was producing enough income to meet their needs. They were not keeping any records, had no advertising, did not know how to buy the raw material at discounted prices, etc. They could not save because their income was very low.

They signed up first for the “Principles for Establishing New Business” workshop (PENN) and after completing it, they enrolled in the “Business Improvement” workshop (MEN). Jose & Maria also received customized mentoring lessons. They have developed the habit of keeping accounting records, savings and are keeping a family budget.

Jose & Maria enjoy working together in developing personal plans to reach their goals. Currently, José has strengthened its upholstery business by increasing his clientele. Mary has increased the number of birds rising at home. She has expanded her pens to raise more chickens and ducks. The family is very grateful to the Foundation for all the training received through workshops and especially for the mentoring visits.


Initial Income $ 102 Initial Savings $ 10

Last Verification Income $305 Last Verification Savings $1,564