Lifting Generations was once two separate foundations, Cause for Hope and One Life At A Time.

In 2016 we successfully completed a merger between the two organizations. What we have become together is significant and unique.


Almost concurrently, Cause for Hope, founded by Dan Gifford, began nearly 15 years ago while Ross Farnsworth was accomplishing the same with One Life at a Time. Although both entities have seen significant evolution over the years, Cause for Hope ultimately focused operations towards one-on-one mentoring while One Life at a Time evolved into a very successful education model for job acquisition. Interestingly with parallel missions, that being lasting self-reliance. Cause for Hope over the years developed a database that quantified individual and collective impact while showing the direct outcome of every sacred and donated dollar. Local mentors work individually with participants based on individual needs, in homes or places of business and sometimes for as long as 18 months.

One Life at a Time had been educating 100’s of students a year with the sole purpose of teaching practical skills needed for sorely needed jobs. One Life at a Time found that service currency is a magnificent method in providing cost-effective education while giving 1000’s of hours yearly in community service. Throughout their separate years, both foundations have worked tirelessly in bringing self-reliance into Latin America. Multi-generational cycles of poverty have been broken and families have been given new opportunities.


In 2016 the two organizations sucessfully merged into, “Cause for Hope One Life at a Time”, and was then renamed “Lifting Generations” in 2017. The new model brings together job focused education with one-one-one mentoring and provides a more holistic approach.

The new model has made significant impact with our combined synergies. Lasting self-reliance is still the goal, still the mission, and wonderfully still the outcome.