Addtional Details on Our Methodologies and FAQs

A deeper dive into our donor’s most common questions.

Service Currency

Students attending the Learning and Mentoring Centers of Lifting Generations pay for their education through pre-approved community service projects.

Each student must satisfy a minimum of 40 hours of service prior to receiving their certificate of completion. This service could be in senior centers, orphanages, hospitals, community clean-up or mentoring fellow students or families in need. Currently nearly 40,000 hours are donated to these community efforts.

Mentoring Programs

Multiple monthly visits to our clients help ensure that true positive and lasting change is in effect. As a client receives the proper direction and support, Lifting Generations is able to track progress in revenues, sales, income, savings and debt. Lifting Generations has become the most efficient organization in bringing about sustainable change and measured results.

The key measurement of success is increasing a family’s income and savings through our mentoring process with local, trained, professional mentors hired by the foundation.

Education Programs

We have Learning and Mentoring Centers across the globe (locations listed HERE).  Other sites are being planned for Cambodia, Peru and other areas of significant need.  Classes are taught in 15 week modules – three times per year.  We offer classes focused on job acquisition in the following areas:

  • English
  • Graphic Design
  • Creating Enterprise
  • Computer Skills
  • Sales & Customer Service
  • Mentoring/Coaching
Small Business Training

Lifting Generations has learned that success rates increase dramatically when individuals receive training on business fundamentals and entrepreneurship. Hence we have also adopted and provide training on business fundamentals using a course called MEN (Mejoramiento de Negocios ya existentes).

Business training programs are used by the mentors and educators of Lifting Generations to train with hands-on experiential exercises and actions including business simulation, group-work, facilitated discussion, and business-plan writing.

These programs include training in some of the following areas:

  • Business Basics
  • Business Simulation
  • Business Budgeting
  • Business Planner

The Creating Enterprise curriculum is a hands on business training program designed to assist more advanced clients.  Classroom instruction is enhanced and applied through multiple, monthly, on site one-on-one mentoring visits.

Together, these components comprise a comprehensive and advanced micro and small enterprise business training curriculum.

Vocational Loans and Training

Usually the difference between unemployment and finding a job is having some type of marketable skill. Lifting Generations uses various avenues to assist individuals in obtaining vocational skills by assisting individuals in applying to and being accepted in vocational and educational institutions.

Our organization employs local managers that coordinate young adult vocational training and educational needs with vocational and educational organizations.

The local mentors act as employment specialists, career counselors, and in some situations, small business advisors. Local mentors facilitate applications to vocational organizations and schools, administer financial aid, and assist graduates with finding employment or starting their own businesses. Student loans are only provided to young adults who meet pre-approved criteria.

Economic Development and Job Training

In many places in Latin America the poverty is so widespread and pervasive that it is difficult for families to lift themselves out of poverty.

In those instances, an additional boost is needed to help the local individuals. Lifting Generations seeks successful United States business partners to expand into Latin America to help others through business micro enterprise training, personal development skills, and strengthening local businesses within the local community.

Although Lifting Generations does not own or operate these businesses, it does assist and facilitate business partners in making this move into Latin America.


There are many success stories of families that have been helped via microcredit loans and small business training. Microcredit lending has been used in developing countries for many years.

Lifting Geneartions leverages its knowledge and resources by partnering with other institutions, such as FINCA, that have a proven track record of success in this area.

Job Placement

Lifting Generations works with local resource centers and to seek opportunities for clients. Training is provided to prepare resumés and to ready a client for the interview process of a prospective job opportunity. 

Why are we doing this?

Because we can truly make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. Caring for the poor is an essential principle throughout the scriptures, when we lift others we are humbled in the process. As we allow others to be self-reliant they are put in a position to do the same.

How is Lifting Generations different from other similar organizations?

LIfting Generations differs from all other organizations because it aims to help individuals in developing countries achieve long-term self-reliance. It does this through one-on-one mentoring with individuals and families. No two situations are alike, so mentors work with individuals according to their needs using a multi-program approach of proven business techniques.Lifting Generations also uses a unique, results driven system to measure our effectiveness among the families we work with.

How does Lifting Generations measure success?

We measure our success by regularly monitoring the change in our clients income and savings. Our mentors help individuals with small business training, vocational training, job placement, and micro credit lending; but these are only a means to the end of increasing the income and savings of our clients. Our primary focus is to permanently improve the economic situation of individuals and families living in poverty.

Where is Lifting Generations?

We currently have offices located in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, and Mexico.

Aren’t there needs in the United States and other first-world countries that we should be helping with instead?

Yes; however, developing countries do not have the same resources as first-world countries. Unemployment sometimes reaches 50% and underemployment is another 20-30% in impoverished nations. Lifting Generations works in countries where the average income is only $100 – 200 a month. In the areas we provide service, there is very little hope for opportunity to escape the poverty cycle without help from the outside; and there are very few Government resources to help provide for the poor.

How is Lifting Generations financed?

Lifting Generations is financed in part with private donations who give through our website. Large benefactors are invited to sponsor the opening of newLifting Generations offices by making a three year commitment (please contact Lifting Generations directly to sponsor an office). Lifting Generations is registered as a tax exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Every donation is tax deductible, and every donation, large or small, makes a difference.

How much of my money will go to those who need it as opposed to being used for operational costs?

Our organization is run almost entirely by volunteers, so there is no more than 15% used for overhead. 85% of all donated dollars are used directly to help, mentor, and train those in need.