Universitaria, Managua, Nicaragua – Anielka Corrales Rodenzo lives in Managua, Nicaragua. She is a 25 year- old courageous young woman. She lives with her mother and grandfather. Last year she was studying at the university, but due to financial challenges she could not continue her studies. This year she was invited by her spiritual leader to attend a meeting with a Lifting Generations manager. She was told that if she wanted to start a business, she should attend this meeting. Her mother was taking care of her grandfather, so she went to the meeting.

“She came in and sat in front of the group, she was very focused on the instructions given that day. Thirty people attended this meeting, 20 signed up for the PENN workshop (Principles to Establish a New Business). “Anielka showed special interest, always finished the homework and did well on the tests” (Manager´s quote).

After completing the workshop, she searched for a business opportunity and learned about a business that she could do with little money. This business is to sell airtime for cell phones. Her mother encouraged her to do it and lent her $32 to start. Then she learned from Lifting Generations Manager about savings and decided to open a savings account at the bank. She opened her account with U$ 2.14

Now a couple of months later she makes up to $343.00 a month and has saved up $20.00 and continues to grow. More importantly, her income covers 70% of the family needs and now she will be able to return to the university and be a professional. She plans to study Marketing to have an even more successful business in the future.

Initial Monthly Income $ 0 Initial Savings $2.14

Current Monthly Income $343 Current Savings $20